Exploring The More Recent Istanbul – Full Day Walking Tour


June 4. 2016
The tour starts at 9.00- 17.00. Transportation is by foot and public transport.
60 € per person
(maximum 15 persons – min. 3 persons)
(included is public transportation, tea or coffee at breaks, lunch, elevator in Sapphire Tower)

İstanbul is known for it’s Ancient and Ottoman past with glorious buildings. The decline of the Empire in the 19th century and buildings from the 20th century are normally not brought to attention to visitors, therfore this tour will give you a section of the architectural and urban development of the city, starting from the 19th century up to the present.

Our full day excursion will start with architectural examples from the 19th century in the historical peninsula, like the train station by August Jasmund and his “Deutsche Orient Bank” Building, , the Post Office by Vedat Tek or office buildings by Kemaleddin. Crossing the Galata Bridge brings us to Karaköy, the economical hub of the late Ottoman Empire with many bank buildings. The Ottoman Bank now an Art and Architecture Centre is one of an example that can be visited here. Since economy involved many different actors that area is also packed with a great diversity of religious buildings. While walking to Şişhane metro station we will see examples of the architectural transformation of Galata. Galata and Beyoğlu were the most modern areas of Istanbul in the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

The metro will take us to Taksim square where we will see one of the most meaning loaded spaces in recent history. The creation of the square itself, the park and the housing projects around, offer a glimpse into the changes of the urban cityscape and its users in the early years of the Turkish Republic. We will take the metro again from Taksim to Levent. Housing projects from the 1950’s designed as “Gartenstadt” are now face to face with a huge density of high-rise buildings. The tour ends on the terrace of the tallest building of Istanbul, the Sapphire Tower. This is a unique place to understand the booming of Istanbul and all its urban developments.