Walking Tour Along the Byzantine City Walls – Half Day Tour


June 4. 2016

30 € pp.
Max. 15 persons – min. 3 persons

The Byzantine city walls were erected at the beginning of the 5th century AD by emperor Theodosius II. The long land walls constitute a unique defense system with its moat, towers and double line of walls, which protected Constantinople for one thousand years. Even though the walls were not used as protection anymore, the city never grew outside these limits until 1950’s. The walls define a large space with many functions and opportunities that are worth exploring. An important discussion involving the municipality, NGOs and the local users arose recently around the moats. After the conquest by the Ottomans they had lost their protective function and started to be used as gardens for vegetable growth. Now these gardens and their users constitute another important historical layer of the walls.

We will explore the walls with all its possibilities starting at the Marmara shores and ending at the Golden Horn. Although we will walk, there will be a transport vehicle bringing us to the starting and departure points and bridging any distances inconvenient for walking. We will have a tea break in between at a nice spot at the city walls.