Prof. Sadık C. Artunç

Prof.Dr. Sadık Artunç

Sadık C. Artunç, FASLA, has been the head of Department of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University (MSU) since January 2007. Prior to his tenure at MSU, he taught in the School of Landscape Architecture at Louisiana State University between 2007 - 1981. Sadik has dedicated his academic career to educating students in innovative, humanistic, and environmentally sensitive planning, design, and implementation and to serving as a passionate advocate for the profession and education of professionals. With the highest standards of professional ethics, he has been a highly successful and very consistent role model for his students and colleagues.
A native of Turkey, Sadık is a naturalized citizen of the U.S.A. He has a B.S. and M.S. in forestry and forest engineering from the University of Istanbul and an M.L.A. from the University of Michigan. He is a registered landscape architect in the U.S.A. and a registered forester and forest engineer in Turkey. His teaching and research interests include design implementation and construction, site planning and design, and regional planning and design, service-learning and distance learning. His professional consulting involves large-scale planning and design with a focus mostly on recreation and tourism, resource planning, and design implementation/construction. He has worked on projects in the United States, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Turkey. Prior to arriving in the United States in 1975, he worked in Turkey as a forester and forest engineer for the Ministry of Forestry, as a recreation planner in the Central Planning Office of the Department of National Parks, and as the planning director of the Uludağ (Olympus) National Park in Bursa, Turkey for the Department of National Parks.
Sadık Has been an active member of various professional organizations and societies since 1981. Always a tireless and enthusiastic promoter of the profession of landscape architecture and ASLA, Sadık served at various leadership capacities and levels: the Louisiana Chapter president (1991); chapter trustee (1996–2001); and finally as the national vice-president of membership (2002–2004), during which time ASLA membership had a tremendous growth in numbers. Sadik was inducted into the ASLA Council of Fellows in 2000.
His teaching, scholarly, and professional activities through ASLA, CELA, CLARB, LAAB, and IFLA have greatly contributed to an increased visibility and awareness of the profession. He has over one hundred fifty publications to his credit in refereed journals, proceedings of professional conferences, national professional licensure exams, magazines, and book chapters. He has received twenty one academic and professional awards during his academic and professional career from his students, his colleagues, and his peers.