Lands Design: landscaping design tools for Rhino.

Lands Design Liquidambars Square project. Aerial view

Instructor: Francesc Salla (, Architect and Lands Design Product Manager.

In this workshop you will learn the main Lands Design tools that will guide you through a landscaping project design: starting from scratch until generating the project 2D documentation and awesome render views.

The workshop will cover the following topics

  1. Work with plant species: insert trees, shrubs, parterres, and arrange them in rows, forests, etc…
  2. Plant database: Edit, customize and create new plant species.
  3. Civil work: create object rows, fences, paths, hedges, etc…
  4. Terrain modelling tools: create terrains from contours, curves, point clouds or imported from Google Earth. Tools to edit terrains: apply cut and fills, hollows, insert paths, etc..
  5. Project 2D documentation: Generate setting out plans and project information: 2D plans and lists to quantify species and the project information.
  6. Rendering tips.

Lands Design website: